What is Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup was first developed in German 20 years ago and is coming to the fore as the mecca in beauty industry as a new aesthetic technique that is appearing on the various beauty magazines gaining sensational popularity in modern Europe. As micro-color insertion inside the skin, tattoo, micro-graphic method, durability enhancement makeup technique etc, it is called contour makeup in Germany, semi-permanent makeup in the USA, art makeup in Japan, and semi-permanent makeup in Korea without distinction as tattoo makeup.
Unlike tattoo indelible in the entire life, it has an advantage of being erased naturally after a certain period of time, so “Long-lasting makeup” or “Durability-enhanced makeup” is considered a more accurate expression.
As it is colored in between the skin layer and granular layer using pigment, which is a natural mineral particle, it occurs almost no allergic reaction or discoloration, and also has an advantage that it can be operated again in tune with the times according to the trend of makeup as the product of mechanism that is erased with peeling off of Keratin and repetition of metabolism.

Who needs Semi-permanent Makeup?

Active ladies

Customers who enjoy sauna, sports and traveling

Busy Housewives

Housewives with no time to spare for makeup due to housework or childrearing


Customers inexperienced in makeup or ones without time

Show better skin

Anyone who wants to look clear and transparent at all time without makeup

Afraid of allergies

Anyone who is afraid of makeup due to allergies with cosmetics

Constant Maintenance

Anyone who needs to maintain the highest beauty even with bare face such as professional models and entertainers