RF Facial

RF is a facial treatment that works by delivering radio frequency electromagnetic energy onto the skin via an electrode. Through the use of certain frequencies, it penetrates the outer skin layers (the ``upper Dermis`` and ``Epidermis``) delivering heat energy absorbed by underlying skin tissues which cause them to heat up. Cooling the skin surface using Cryogenic spray to prevent damage to the top layers of skin. The heating of deep skin tissue stimulates collagen to produce and that in turn triggers the tissue contraction.

Benefits of RF Facial

Substantial reduction in depth of wrinkles

The effects of RF treatment for face are substantial reduction in depth of wrinkles

Tighter skin

Gives a tighter facial skin

Elimination of facial skin blemishes

RF treatment helps to eliminate facial skin blemishes that appears on the skin.

Youthful facial skin complexion

Gives an overall youthful facial skin complexion using RF treatment.