Eyelash Extension

Complete your look with natural looking, lusciously thick lashes.

What is Eyelash Extension?

For those who weren’t born with long and luscious lashes, eyelash extensions offer a way to achieve more larger looking, expressive eyes
by applying artificial eyelashes on to the real eyelashes. Our eyelash extensions are customized to give you a
bespoke finish and can be varied by length, color, thickness and design of the eyelash.

3 Reasons To Have Eyelash Extensions

Why choose Lee Na Young?

Recognized Even Overseas as Semi-Permanent Makeup

Experience the speciality of
Pitangui Lee Na Young Beauty Center


1:1 Custom design and color selection
Counseling and special treatment system


More than 10 years of experiences and know-how of professional beauty directors counseling system

Quick and Easy

Back to daily life right after the procedure
Maintain naturalness even on the day of the procedure

State of the art

Using the finest German machines and 82 FDA certified natural German pigments


Thorough hygiene management system
Use of all disposable materials


Domestic as well as overseas seminar system and thousands of different treatment cases

Pitangui Lee Na Young Beauty Center

Experience The Difference With Pitangui Lee Na Young's Eyelash Extensions

Uses only KFDA Certified Glue.
Completely Safe Fully-Tested Extension Treatment.


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