Black Therapy

First in Singapore
Black Therapy Magnetic Treatment✨ The magnetic force and the magnetic field removes fine dust and heavy metal in the pores and promotes metabolic circulation in the skin to provide whitening and skin regeneration. $128 for first trial (usual price $280)

Benefits of Black Therapy

Clearer & Brighter Skin

Archive clearer & brighter skin with Black therapy

Suitable for certain skin type

Black therapy is suitable for all skin types except Acne Cyst Skin

Shrink pores

Helps to shrink pores and prevent dust to clog the pores.

Improve skin complexion

Helps with skin complexion

black therapy

Improve blackheads problem

Helps to improve unnecessary blackheads that appears on the T-zone of the face.

Deliver skin nutrition

Helps to deliver nutrition overall the face and moisture it.

Purify, Deep Cleanse and Detox

Remove all impurities from your skin

Whitening effect

Black Therapy helps to whiten the skin.