Aqua Peel Treatment

Aqua Peel is a deep cleansing treatment in Korea which uses a skin vacuum in which a rotating nozzle tip pushes an AHA/BHA solution into the skin and pushes the impurities up, removing dead skin, blackheads, and other unwelcome pore particles along with it. The solution creates a centrifugal liquid sealed with skin to powerfully vacuum out impurities while at the same time cushioning the skin from damage and irritation that a dry vacuum would cause.
Ending with a toning treatment which leave your face crystal clear. Suitable for all skin type especially for those who are preparing their skin for more intensive treatment like HIFU, hydration skin booster &Therm-age etc

Benefits of Aqua Peel Treatment

Effective in skin whitening

Helps to whiten skin and improve complexion

Boost skin hydration

Prepare skin hydration for more intensive treatment like HIFU, hydration skin booster, Thermage etc

Sebum removal

Helps to remove sebum to remove unwelcome pores.

Acne removal

Remove unnecessary pores & improve pores