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SPMU Service by Master Lee Na Young *May 25th, July 13th*

*May 25th, July 13th* You can have Korean Semi-Permanent Make Up Service by renowned Korean SPMU MASTER Director Lee, Na Young.

5 days Intensive Korean Semi-Permanent Make Up Course by Master Lee Na Young

Pitangui Beauty Medical in Korea Join our Plastic Surgery 7 days 6 nights Tour 2019. Full board with flights and accommodation SGD$9988 any 2 surgeries from . Epicathoplasty . Lateral Canthoplasty . Upper Blepharoplasty . Lower Blepharoplasty . Double Eyelid ( Incision, non incision) . Eyebag Repositioning . Chin Implant . Nasolabial fold Implants . Arm Liposuction . Magic V Lift . Face Fat Grafts 7 days . Rhinoplasty | Nose Bridge and Nose Tip with Ear Cartilage For more information | WhatsApp 96994040 or Visit us 25-27th Feb 2019 Venue: Beauty Asia Singapore 2019 Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Halls 401-403 Booth H1113

2 Days of Intermediates Course

1. Pinky Nipple 2. Areola Creation 3. Nipple Creation 4. Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Water Shine Covered BB + Eyelash Self-growth Procedure Training Course with Material kit

Save your time and cost! Effective 1 day course for 2 type of skills which are popular at Lee Na Young Aesthetic. Provide same products and machine as our outlet use Learn today, Start your business tomorrow It's possible.

Advanced Course for Hairline, Areolas, Shadowing)

1 day Semi Permanent Make Up Course, It's suitable for people who took the basic class or have an experience - Smaller Forehead by Hairline - Areolas Color Change, pinkish areolas - Scalp Pigmentation

2 days Single Course

You can take a course that you want/need, Select the course which you are interested in. *Eyeliner : Korean Inner & Outer Eyeliner, Magic Shadow Eyeliner, *Lips : Tinted Lips (Ombre Lips), Lips Liner, *Eyebrow : 6D Eyebrow(Micro Blading), Suji Technique(Micro Dotting), Combo Technique *Hairline *Scalp Pigmentation *Korean Style Eyelash Extension

Eyebrow Course

Training by Korean Semi-permanent Makeup Specialists Microblading, Microdotting (SUJI) and Combo, Total 3 Techniques

Eyelash Self-growth Procedure Training Course

Training by Korean Director, the renowned Korean Eyelash Self-growth Procedure Experts Course fee $750 with Certificate $1390 with Certificate, Material kit

Watershine Covered BB Training Course

Training by Korean Director, Semi-permanent Makeup Specialists Course fee $750 with Certificate $1390 with Certificate, Material kit