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Snow White PDRN Baby Skin Booster

Korean latest Kbeauty Craze using L-Glutathione , Salmon DNA and Hyaluronic acid. PDRN is a substance extracted from salmon DNA which restores damaged and aged skin to healthy baby smooth skin.

PDRN skin booster helps to promote new cells growth, increases skin elasticity through strengthening epidemic and dermic layer.
L Gluthathione ia s strong antioxidant that helps on shine & whitening as well to slow down the skin aging process.

Benefits of Snow White PDRN Baby Skin Booster

Snow White PDRN Skin Booster
• Desire a youthful face
• Have wrinkles lines, sagging and ageing skin
• Open pores & scarring sensitive skin
• Dry skin that causes from harsh chemical peels or laser
• Dark circle or eyebag
• Uneven skin tone
• Innovative booster for skin rejuvenation , elasticity , anti aging , whitening finally to achieve a luminous complexion