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Ultrasonic MTS Rolling

Ultrasonic MTS Roller Consist Of A Heavy Duty Plastic Roller Head Covered In High Quality Titanium Needles, This Needles Are Designed To Penetrate The Stratum Corneum, Conium The Hard Outer Surface Of The Epidermal Layer Of The Skin. Hundreds Of Tiny Channels Are Created Through The Stratum Corneum, Which Facilitate The Passage And Absorption Of Your Skin Care Product. It Gently Exfoliates Excess Skin Cells Which Contribute To Scaring Or Premature Aging, And Ultimately Wrinkles, Stretch Marks, Cellulite And Scars. The Roller Stimulates Blood Flow To The Surface, Gives A Skin Massage, Cleans Out The Pores And Stimulates Collagen Re-Growth.

Benefits of Ultrasonic MTS Rolling

Enhance Blood Circulation To Improve Absorption Of Nutrient And Benefits From Products
Reduce Premature Aging & Wrinkles